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Essence Tint & Soft Rose Gloss in One

A delightful lip treatment set that transforms lips from being dull, cracked and aged looking to being firm and pliable with an irresistible pink rosy colour.

Lip is first treated with a tint which is formulated from natural ingredients to lighten dark pigmented lips instantly and lasting a whole day, follow by a gloss rich in vitamins to plump up and moisturize lips, reducing fine lines and cracks.

Your beautifully embroidered lips will appear natural with any make-up or even with no or bare minimal make-up.

Direction for Use:

Step 1: Lip Essence Tint
Brush on dull or discoloured lips for a natural rosy glow. Lips turn pinkish within seconds. Use twice daily for best results.

Step 2: Plumber Gloss
Follow with the plumber gloss that is a natural lip enhancer that plumps up and fully hydrates your lips. The lightly scented lip plumper increases volume and contour in minutes by drawing fluid to your lips, while adding a nice gloss and natural pink tone.

Video Tutorial